What is Artisan Chocolate?

wine and chocolate paired

Chocolate and wine pairing

Like a fine wine, every step is a labor of love. Cooperatives of cacao farmers and Bean-to-Bar chocolate makers using old world techniques and the finest cacao beans of single-origin. These chocolate makers rely on the flavor of the heirloom beans to shine, like wine making. Exotic Chocolate Tasting offers you a passport to experience these special chocolates from around the world.

What is a Chocolate Sommelier?

A sommelier (pronounced SUM-MAH-LEE-AY) is an educated wine steward, with responsibilities similar to an Executive chef has with food. They are the wine expert in a restaurant and will make suggestions on food pairings. They have studied and have been to wine regions and have a deep understanding of terroir, vintages, varietals, wine makers, tasting, etc. I too, find that this is a description of what I do. I’ve spent a lifetime exploring my passion for fine chocolate, starting as a hobby that led to a more serious and deep approach. As a chocolate sommelier, I have the delicious, enviable opportunity to taste, compare, and explore the depth of chocolate from all over the world.

How is a Chocolate & Wine Pairing so unique?

Roxanne has created a methodology that transforms wine when paired with the right chocolate that enhances their flavors and nuances. Using all the senses will reveal a fun new way to enjoy these beloved pleasures.  Like a show flake, each pairing is unique, making a statement.

How do I schedule an event?

Call or email Roxanne Browning. It helps to have a date and location when contacting Roxanne to go over details. Info and pricing will be sent. Exotic Chocolate Tasting generally books at least 2-3 weeks in advance. During peak season (November-February) dates are booked as far as 2-3 months in advance.

Do you host Chocolate & Wine pairings outside of the New York area?

If your event is more than a five-hour round-trip drive; airfare, hotel, meals, car rental if necessary, are at the expense of the event planner. Exotic Chocolate Tasting’s assistant may be necessary to attend as well.

My company does not allow alcohol, can you host a chocolate tasting?

Yes, of course! A chocolate tasting allows the freedom to explore the complexity of fine chocolate.  Many options are available.

Do you pair other alcoholic beverages besides wine?

Yes, Single-malt whiskey, Bourbon, Beer, and Tequila.

Does Exotic Chocolate Tasting sell chocolate at events or online?

No. Exotic Chocolate Tasting is not a store. Offering an adventure of fine chocolate from around the world often paired with wine for business socials, private events and Not-for-Profits.

Do you know as much about wine as you do chocolate?

I’ve been a collector of fine wines for many years, a focus on Brunello, Barolo, Super Tuscan, White Burgundy and California Cabernet. Traveled to Italy, California’s wine country, and Australia to visit some of my favorite wineries. In 2010, after completing Windows of World Wine School in NYC, led to an appreciation and knowledge of wines from all over the world. This has given me the ability to select bottles that offer their distinct terroir to the pairings I create with single-origin chocolate. At the events I host, the passion and labor of love is evident, while guests experience fine chocolate properly paired with fine wine.