• Chocolate & Wine Pairings for Business Socials & Posh Soirées since 2010
  • A Fun way to host a client/associate appreciation, Networking, Team building, or Women's Initiative
  • A passport around the world from your office, home or a restaurant
  • Soiree for the senses is both entertaining and educational, a one-of-a-kind adventure!
  • NY's Chocolate Sommelier, guide guests on a journey discovering exotic chocolate
  • Corporate table setting in a conference room in New York City


The Chocolate & Wine Pairing Experience  The Wow factor – create a one-of-a-kind event which your clients, colleagues, and friends will be talking about for a long time. The “aha!” moment; your guests will enjoy the infusion of flavors using all the senses, revealing a fun new way to appreciate these beloved pleasures. The right chocolate paired with right wine enhances their flavors and nuances This soiree for the senses is entertaining, and expresses social responsibility.
The Expertise  As New York’s only chocolate sommelier, Roxanne Browning will guide your guests on a journey discovering craft chocolates from the Amazon rainforest to the tropical islands paired with wine or straight up. An original idea that adds a new twist to your next high-end business or private event.
Tasting chocolate is different than eating chocolate  Craft chocolate makers rely on the flavor of rare heirloom cacao beans to shine. Unique as a snowflake, they each have a distinct flavor profile. Slowly savor these award-winning chocolates while Roxanne describes their journey from bean-to-bar.

To host an exotic chocolate tasting,
call 631-252-0658 or email Roxanne.


After two high energy careers in Advertising on Mad Ave and then in politics as a Mayor, Roxanne chose a sweeter path as an entrepreneur, she merged two passions and created an original idea of chocolate and wine pairings. These unique entertaining and educational events are held at restaurants and conference rooms for private soirees, business functions, and fundraisers.

chocolate tastings or pairings customized to meet your needs

An interactive presentation on how chocolate is made, its health benefits, history, how farmers grow and harvest cacao, and how it helps sustain the rainforest.

At your venue or suggestions of wine bars, restaurants, and unique settings in the New York Metro area.

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